Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Game of Life

Jeff Prosise has a fantastic example of the game of life implemented in silverlight.

Line Graphs etc.

Silverlight Fan pointed out an example on Code Project of drawing real time line graphs. This is a very interesting example, and is something I am very interested in pursuing. Combine this with the Jelly example and you could have a very neat item.

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

What to know after the install VS2008

Fix VS2008 /.NET 3.5 install

If you want to debug your silverlight application , you need a separate install
as detailed by Mike Stall

As part of trying to get the 1.1 Alpha to work I visited Pete Browns blog and played on his balloons game.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Jesse Liberty silverlight learning

Jesse Liberty is conducting an experiment in learning Silverlight he makes the mistake of going /Learn/Videos or Whitepapers instead of /Learn/Quickstarts where he would have found what he was looking for. I found those simple tutorials very very useful.

Tim Sneath shows us how to embed Silverlight in an Iframe

Friday, 3 August 2007

Canvas on Canvas

Mike Taulty points out what happens when you lay one canvas ontop of another and expect the mouse to raise an event. You need to know about the IsHitTestVisible property.

RIA (Rich Interactive/Internet Application)

I did wonder for a few days what RIA was and now I know (Rich Interactive/Internet Application). Thanks to MOSSYBLOG
What he is trying to say is that silverlight is not a competition for flash, but that silverlight is the missing bit in the whole Microsoft ecosystem. I think he is right. I also think Microsoft is coming out with the right tools to get the development done and at the right levels. Specifically in that it is possible to get content into silverlight with a text editor only. In the same way you can develop c# applications with a text editor only. ha!. If you really want to. I suspect its not if you WANT to, more like, if you have no choice and cannot afford the IDE. That problem has been removed with the release of the express products.
All in all, silverlight plugs one of the reasons for using a none ms technology.

Thursday, 2 August 2007


Ged Mead has an entry about the UniformGrid element and laying out stack panels.
Want to write games with silverlight and xaml
Here is the link to Silverlight Games 101
Where Bill Reiss will walk you through the process of creating asteroids.
This is the silverlight web site the url is

Use the get started page

Get the Expression Blend 2 August Preview

Silverlight SDKs

Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 Software Development Kit Release Candidate

Microsoft Silverlight 1.1 Software Development Kit Alpha Refresh

First Post

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